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Amanda DiTrolio

HTN | Community Update | 5/11

May 11, 2023
Community Update

Two New HTN Products

HTN Knowledge Bot Beta
The HTN Knowledge Bot is a ChatGPT tool that we’ve built that is trained on all the wisdom shared within the HTN ecosystem over the past several years. Think of it as a smart search function for anything in HTN. We’ll plan to iterate and make it better over time, and you using it helps us in iterating faster on it. Check it out and let us know what you think!
HTN Knowledge Bot | Explainer & FAQs

HTN Jobs Database & Newsletter
We know a lot of folks in HTN are either actively looking for what’s next or thinking about it, and that the #jobs channel has a ton of new roles posted each week. We’ve created the database to structure jobs, with a variety of fields we think will help make it most useful to both the job seeker and the companies hiring. Every Friday, we’ll plan on sending out a summary of new roles posted via our HTN Weekly Career Digest. Be on the lookout for the newsletter tomorrow to all community members (if you’re not interested, you’ll be able to opt-out tomorrow).
HTN Jobs Database | Explainer & FAQs

Community Perspectives:

In case you missed them, here are highlights of a few interesting conversations from different channels:

  • HTNers discuss Carbon Health’s bold move to publicly blast Elevance on Twitter over a recent coverage dispute.
  • The crew unpacks CVS’ recent earnings announcement - raising an eyebrow at some questionable comments from the CFO on cited profitability numbers related to the Oak Street deal not being real numbers in a “GAAP world”.
  • Folks dig into Zeke Emmanuel’s first part of a series on nine healthcare mega trends that will shape the next decade. Trends of this article: 1) Merging Of Payers And Providers—Amplifying Value-Based Payments and 2) Reducing Upcoding And Other Gaming Of Medicare Advantage.  
  • An interesting thread on the recent news that Babylon is going private again. While this doesn’t come as a surprise given the struggles the company has been facing in recent years, the group unpacks how this deal might play out.

Community Q&A:

A collection of some questions with thoughtful answers from the community:

  • Anybody have recommendations for care management software that integrates into eCW for a small primary care group?
  • Any recommendations for an AI product that can listen to telehealth sessions and provide an analysis of interactions to see if certain points were touched on and provide real time (or retrospective) feedback?, Gong, Nabla, and Fathom are mentioned here.
  • What are folks using to manage patient intake? BloomText, 98Point6, Typeform, ReTool, and IntakeQ are suggested.
  • I have a somewhat naive question about HEDIS. My understanding is that CMS uses a subset of HEDIS measures (among other things) for star ratings. Is there a financial incentive to care about the HEDIS measures not included in that subset? Could be outside of the MA market. HTNers jump in to help below.
  • For founders. - How do you feel about immediate vesting of co-founder shares? Is this frowned upon? Does it provide some protection from VC’s having leverage when shares are unvested. Does immediate vesting have any benefit vs a standard vesting period for co-founders specifically. Not employees, not options.
  • Curious what type of experience makes an ideal Chief Growth Officer / Chief Commercial Officer?


Here we highlight any upcoming and recent events, both within the community and key events outside the community:

Upcoming Events:

  • HTN Happy Hour (45 min) - Speed Meets; Fri, May 19 @ 9:30am CT. As always, we'll "embrace the awkward" and do several ten-ish minute speed meets. Register here.
  • Rock Health AMA; Tues, May 16 @ 2pm CT. We're doing our next AMA session with the Rock Health crew on May 16th @ 2pm CT. We’ll be chatting with them about their Q1 2023 Digital Health funding report and the state of the funding market. Sign up here.
  • McDermott VBC Session 1 - Tues, May 23 @ 2pm CT. We’ll be hosting folks from McDermott for a small group chat discussing value-based contracting topics at a ‘201’ level. This session is currently full, but you can join the waitlist here in case spots open up.
  • McDermott VBC Session 2 - Tues, Jun 6 @ 2pm CT. We opened a second session with the McDermott team given the interest in the first session; this will also be a small group chat discussing value-based contracting topics at a ‘201’ level. There are limited spots available here.

Upcoming Local HTN Meetups:

  • Chicago is hosting a Techstars Healthcare x Manifold Meet Up on May 16 at 5:30pm. Sign up here.
  • Colorado - Boulder is putting on two events on May 16. A hike in north Boulder at 9am and coffee at Klin on Pearl at 11am. Sign up here and here.
  • Milwaukee is planning its next happy hour for the month of June. Join in on the convo here.
  • Minneapolis-St.Paul is planning a park style happy hour on May 16 at 6pm. Sign up here.
  • NYC is hosting a happy hour at Beer Witch on May 20 at 3pm. Sign up here.
  • Phoenix is working on getting a group together for a health tech meet up. Chime in here.
  • San Francisco is hosting a dinner for builders and investors in the care access space on May 31 at 6:30pm. Apply here.
  • Seattle is back with another HTN happy hour on May 24 at 4pm PT at Old Stone Brewing Co. Sign up here.
  • Socal - LA is brewing up a small HTN gathering on May 13. Chime in here.

Note: Make sure you search the Slack channels for the local/city specific channels to be aware of the meetups.