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Our Team

Kevin O’Leary

Kevin co-founded HTN in 2021 after writing the weekly newsletter as a side-gig for four years. Kevin has spent most of his career working on care delivery innovation, spanning early stage startups to large organizations including UnitedHealth and Allina Health. Outside HTN, Kevin is usually with his family at kids sports tournaments.

Abbey (Burtis) Peterson

Abbey joined in 2023 and manages growth and operations. Prior to HTN, she was a healthcare consultant at Accenture then played an integral role in growing and selling Olive’s payer business, now part of Availity. Outside work, you can find her practicing yoga or visiting local breweries with her Bernese Louie.

Our Values


We work on things that give us energy, with a focus on building better healthcare.


We apply a disciplined and focused approach to everything we do.


We put ourselves in others' shoes to understand and respect their perspectives to shape our behavior, interactions, and work.


We are driven to succeed in every area of our lives - work is just one element of the sum of our parts.


We speak our minds with honest, open perspectives, and we are not afraid to ask hard questions.