Health Tech Nerds

Health Tech Nerds


Impact of Health Tech Nerds

“I freaking love HTN. The community and newsletter helped onboard me to the world of all things healthcare and the payer space by providing an environment where I could learn through osmosis.”

Katie ReedSenior Director, Member Retention at SCAN

“If you want to start something as a physician the first thing to do is read the HTN newsletter and join the community. It makes it so easy to start a conversation and develop relationships with people innovating in healthcare. You will find your niche. The founders have built a great community that physicians need to be aware of.”

Drew LundquistChief Medical Officer at Mankato Clinic

“I’ve loved the HTN newsletter for a while, but now I feel silly I didn’t join the community sooner. In my first 24 hours as a member, I connected with a number of great folks and dove deep into the past content shared in Slack. It’s incredible.”

Lee A. RotenbergCo-Founder at Clay

“HTN has changed the trajectory of my career. It’s been amazing being around and learning from such an awesome group of thinkers in healthcare.”

Chase JonesDirector of Growth at Thyme Care

“HTN has reshaped how I think about my company’s strategy working with payors and providers. It’s been invaluable in helping me navigate the healthcare landscape. The HTN team has gone the extra mile that others either can’t or won’t.”

Joshua PollardPresident & CEO at Omicelo