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Amanda DiTrolio

HTN | Community Update | 3/31

March 31, 2023
Community Update

New HTN Content

HTN Startup Market Conditions 2023 Update
We surveyed ~90 startup leaders thinking about their funding strategies in order to get a collective perspective on how changing market conditions are impacting businesses and personal lives of leaders. Since we did our last market conditions survey 8 months ago, it’s clear that the reset has trickled down from the public markets all the way to early stage founders. Fundraising is now a much tougher proposition, as founders shared they’re seeing investors setting a much higher bar. The good news is that many companies report having solid cash positions.
Article Link

Health Tech Nerds + Redox HIMSS Happy Hour
Join us and our friends at Redox for a pre-HIMSS happy hour on April 17 at 5pm CT. You’ll have the chance to mingle and chat about all things healthcare alongside your fellow HTNers.
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Community Perspectives:

In case you missed them, here are highlights of a few interesting conversations from different channels:

  • Following the news that Pear Therapeutics, a digital therapeutics company, is looking for a buyer, the crew chimes in on what went wrong and the many obstacles Pear faced along the way.
  • The HTN crew shared their reactions to a recent ProPublica article detailing how Cigna doctors are allegedly rejecting patients’ claims without even opening the files in the first place.
  • Oscar has a new CEO in town and you better believe the Nerds are talking about it. In a lively thread, the group discusses former Aetna CEO, Mark Bertolini, appointment as the new leader of the struggling insurtech. Link
  • The crew unpacks an eye-opening blog post discussing how broken price transparency seems to be between payors and providers. The article reports that insurance machine-readable-files (MRFs) are not working properly, resulting in contracted rates that are incorrect or missing. In one instance, UHC notes it was paying St. Joseph Medical Center $200-$830 for an upper GI biopsy, meanwhile the hospital reports the rate is actually $2,036. Yikes.

Community Q&A:

A collection of some questions with thoughtful answers from the community:

  • Do you think a Chief Product Officer is essential in an early stage co? Why?
  • Does anyone know of any startups working on an AI symptom checker? Like a disease prediction engine or some kind of medical version of google?
  • What is the absolute bare minimum tech stack for doing a super barebones, very small (few dozen patients) virtual primary care pilot?
  • If you needed to choose a bank for your startup today, who would you choose? Mercury, Brex, and Grasshopper are mentioned here.
  • Has anyone had success using GPT to write journal articles with valid citations?


Here we highlight any upcoming and recent events, both within the community and key events outside the community:

Upcoming Events:

  • Health Tech Nerds + Redox HIMSS Happy Hour; Mon, April 17 at 5pm CT. We’re co-hosting a happy hour with our friends from Redox at the upcoming HIMSS conference. Mingle and get to know your fellow HTNers at the meetup! Sign up here.

Upcoming Local HTN Meetups:

  • Atlanta is hosting a picnic meet up on April 13 at 5:30pm. Sign up here.
  • Boston is planning a HealthTech Operators event on April 6. Sign up here.
  • Connecticut is in the early stages of planning a March Madness happy hour. Join in on the convo here.
  • London is organizing a health tech product meet up on April 5 at 18:00! Sign up here.
  • Milwaukee is brewing up its next health tech meetup on April 13 at Good City. Join in on the convo here.
  • Minneapolis/St.Paul is getting the Nerds together on April 25 at 6:30pm CT. Sign up here.
  • NYC is having a comedy night hosted by the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation on April 24. Sign up here.
  • Philadelphia is planning a health tech happy hour in April. Learn more here.
  • Portland is putting together a Biotech + Digital Health Happy Hour on April 6 at 5:30pm PT. Sign up here.

Past Local Meet-Ups:

  • Bay Area - SF gathered for a lucky St. Paddy's Happy Hour. Shout out to the Nerds representing in green!
  • Colorado got a solid crew together in preparation for the RISE conference. Love to see it!
  • Nashville - The Nerds were out and about across Nashville for ViVE! From exploring the exhibit floor to singing it out at karaoke to early morning runs, they could not be stopped!

Note: Make sure you search the Slack channels for the local/city specific channels to be aware of the meetups.