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Amanda DiTrolio

HTN | Community Update | 3/16

March 16, 2023
Community Update

New HTN Content

HTN has a new Nerd on the block!
We are very excited to announce that Gillian Wu is joining us as our newly minted Community and Operations Manager. Gillian comes from Zus and SimplePractice, where she worked as a Community Manager for over four years. She’ll be helping us better connect, support, and uplift the Health Tech Nerds that make this community so special. You can DM @Gillian Wu (HTN Team) for any questions about your HTN account, ideas for the community, or just to say hi!

Health System Pilot AMA
We’re hosting fellow HTNer, Bethany Vick, for an AMA session offering her perspectives on best practices for setting up pilots with health systems on Friday, March 24 at 1pm CT. Bethany has spent several years at the Providence Digital Innovation Group where she has helped to lead market research, design and launch digital solutions pilots, and more. If you’re a startup operator interested in joining us, you can sign up here.

Community Perspectives:

In case you missed them, here are highlights of a few interesting conversations from different channels:

  • HTNers discuss the implications of 98point6’s recent decision to pivot away from providing direct patient care through a deal with Transcarent to sell off its physician group, self-insured employer business, and software license.
  • The HTN crew weighs in on the Ozempic bonanza in an interesting thread covering WeightWatchers’ recent announcement to acquire telehealth obesity treatment company Sequence.
  • A lively thread filled with plenty of HTN head scratching as the MA Nerds assess the impact of CMS’ proposed rule change regarding MA risk adjustment.  
  • The Nerds unpack the busy history of primary care in Columbus, Ohio following the news that OhioHealth and Privia have signed a partnership, including the launch of Privia Medical Group in the community.
  • Following the news of Health Gorilla’s partnership with CLEAR to give patients access to health information, the group debates whether consumers will actually adopt this or not.

Community Q&A:

A collection of some questions with thoughtful answers from the community:

  • Who are the best healthcare companies when it comes to patient/ member experience? Spruce Health and One Medical are mentioned here.
  • For analytics tools that measure conversions (like Mixpanel or Amplitude), how do people handle PII / sensitive information as it relates to diagnosis information and email addresses?
  • How does one determine the number of Medicaid eligible individuals there are in a given geographic region? A few KFF resources in the thread below.
  • I'm noticing most PMs in healthcare tend to have built their entire careers within healthcare, and there's very little cross-over between healthcare and non-healthcare. Do you think you have to pick a lane and stay in it?
  • Any wellness or personal development apps come to mind that have been particularly successful attracting/engaging the 21-30 year old demographic? Strava, Waking Up, Wondermind, WHOOP, Liberate, and more are mentioned.


Here we highlight any upcoming and recent events, both within the community and key events outside the community:

Upcoming Events:

  • Future of Evidence-Based Care Happy Hour at ViVE 2023; March 27 at 5:30pm. Join Light-it, Atropos Health, Canary Speech, OPTT, and Health Tech Nerds down in Nashville for a drink and chat about evidence-based care’s future! Sign up here.
  • Health System Pilot AMA; Fri, March 24 at 1pm CT. We’re hosting fellow HTNer, Bethany Vick, for an AMA session offering her perspectives on best practices for setting up pilots with health systems. If you’re a startup operator interested in joining us, you can sign up here.

Upcoming Local HTN Meetups:

  • Atlanta is hosting its next health tech happy hour at Torched Hop on March 23. Sign up here.
  • Bay Area - SF is coming together for a St. Paddy’s Happy Hour on March 17 at 4:30pm. Sign up here.
  • Connecticut is in the early stages of planning a March Madness happy hour. Join in on the convo here.
  • Europe - Paris is getting a few health tech nerds together for drinks at L’Etabli tonight at 7:30pm. Learn more here.
  • London is already curious about the next HTN happy hour! Contribute to the discussion here.
  • Milwaukee is brewing up its next health tech meetup. Join in on the convo here.
  • Minneapolis/St.Paul is choosing a date for its next meet up. Cast your vote here.
  • Nashville will be buzzing with health tech events coming up for ViVE on 3/27 – including a Healthcare Karaoke Happy Hour, Foley & Lardner cocktail reception, and a Future of Evidence-Based Care Happy Hour. Sign up in the links.
  • Philadelphia is planning a health tech happy hour in March/April. Learn more here.
  • Raleigh-Durham is deciding on a date for its next happy hour event – looking like March 23. Learn more here.
  • Socal - LA is planning its next meet up with a group poll to pick a date. Cast your vote here.
  • Tampa is organizing a HIMSS Health IT Networking social tonight. Learn more here.

Past Local Meet-Ups:

  • Austin put together not one, but TWO health tech meets to get the nerds together!

Note: Make sure you search the Slack channels for the local/city specific channels to be aware of the meetups.