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Amanda DiTrolio

HTN | Community Update | 2/16

February 16, 2023
Community Update

New HTN Content

Our Reflections on CVS / Oak Street
Hot off the HTN press! We shared our thoughts on the recent CVS / Oak Street Health merger. We focus on unpacking key strategic questions that the deal raised for us – including understanding if the MA Golden Age is over, Humana’s learnings in the space, Oak’s J-curve, and CVS’s broader care delivery strategy. Check out the full article below.
Article Link

HTN @ ATA Conference
We’ll be attending the upcoming ATA Conference in San Antonio in a few weeks. If you’ll be there, sign-up for this event we’re co-hosting with Foley on Sunday night! Sign up here.

Foley x HTN AMA
We’re back with Nate Lacktman and Aaron Maguregui at Foley for an AMA session on 2/23 @ 2:30pm CT. Based on feedback from the last session, we’re going to focus on one or two topics more specifically. To do so, we’ll go with the topics with the most interest from the community. Please fill out the form below and let us know which of the below topics you want to discuss. Top two topic votes will be where we focus convo and we’ll send out invites to the folks who fill this out (limited to <30 people) by Sunday so hold your calendars in the meantime.
Sign-up Form

Community Perspectives:

In case you missed them, here are highlights of a few interesting conversations from different channels:

  • An interesting thread of HTNers’ reactions to a recent Keckley Report hypothesizing the impact of “Wave 2 Value-Based Care”. Consensus says it's impractical to think that wave 2 of VBC will emerge in the next two years – with MA bids, provider contracting, and plenty more to think through.
  • If you haven’t read enough about the CVS / Oak Street merger yet, here is a lengthy and lively thread of the Nerds debating the outcomes and implications of the deal.
  • On the same day as the CVS / Oak announcement, Humana and ChenMed announced a 5-year network agreement, which is either an impressive coincidence or highlights some growing competition here.
  • UnitedHealthcare launched a rewards program leveraging wearables to incentivize members to pursue healthy habits. The crew compares and contrasts the move to similar programs in the space and what this means for members.
  • A good conversation around the details and implications of the HSS and Flare Capital partnership to co-launch a new virtual PT offering, called RightMove.

Community Q&A:

A collection of some questions with thoughtful answers from the community:

  • Anyone have a perspective on the cost of a consultant/contractor to do product process review and improvement? What's a normal hourly rate? HTNers weigh in below.
  • Does anyone have any good research/articles on mental health provider burnout and ways to mitigate against it?
  • It looks like we’ll be doing an efax integration to send diagnostic reports to providers. Has anyone done one and can provide a high level overview of the workflow and how you test?
  • Is there a good breakdown somewhere of Medicaid policy in terms of how extensively MCOs are used? Several resources linked in the thread below.
  • What do companies have in place for parental leave? If willing to share, include: (1) company size (at the time the policy was implemented); (2) # of paid weeks (for both childbearing and non-childbearing partners)
  • What do people use to build out their data rooms? DocSend, Notion, Carta, and Box are mentioned here.
  • Does anyone have any favorite health tech pick up lines? A few rather clever lines here just in time for V-Day.


Here we highlight any upcoming and recent events, both within the community and key events outside the community:

Upcoming Events:

  • HTN Happy Hour (45 min) - Speed Meets; Fri, Feb. 17 @ 10:30am CT. As always, we'll "embrace the awkward" and do several ten-ish minute speed meets. Register here.
  • Foley x HTN AMA; Thurs, Feb. 23 at 2:30pm CT. We’re back with our friends from Foley for a second AMA session where they will be offering their perspectives on legal / regulatory topics, including health data privacy, telemedicine practice standards, prescribing and controlled substances, and more. The session will be limited to <30 people – if you’re interested, sign up here.
  • Solving Functional Problems Curated Networking; Thurs/Fri, Feb. 23 & 24. We launched another round of the HTN curated networking, so be sure to opt-in by EOD today (February 16). This matching round will focus on connecting folks based on various functional problems that people are facing. Sign up here.
  • HTN @ ATA. We’ll be co-hosting an event at the ATA Conference in San Antonio on the evening of March 5th. If you’re attending ATA, sign up here.

Upcoming Local HTN Meetups:

  • Atlanta is brainstorming locations and dates for its next health tech happy hour. Learn more and contribute to the thread here.
  • Austin is hosting another Health Tech ATX Happy Hour at Central Machine Works tonight at 5pm. RSVP in the thread here.
  • Cincinnati is getting a group together to talk about all things primary care innovation on Feb 22 at 5:30pm. Learn more in the thread here.
  • Colorado is trying to get a group together before the Rise National Conference in March. Learn more here.
  • Dallas is putting together a HTN happy hour for the New Year. You can learn more in the thread here.
  • Miami has scheduled its next Brickell Key healthcare networking walk for Feb 23 at 6:30pm. Learn more here.
  • NYC is putting together a health tech happy hour on Feb 21 at 6pm. Sign up here.
  • Philadelphia is planning a health tech happy hour in March. Learn more here.
  • Raleigh-Durham is brainstorming exciting potential discussion topics for its next meetup. Current ideas include NC’s healthcare landscape, NC Medicaid Transformation, deep dive on companies, and more. Cast your vote and learn more here.
  • Seattle is spreading the HTN love and getting the locals together for a HTN Happy Hour on Feb 17 at 3:30pm. Sign up here.
  • Kellogg Crew is setting up a virtual HTN Kellogg Happy Hour on Feb 21. If you’re a Kellogg Alum and want to join, learn more here.

Past Local Meet-Ups:

  • London got a great group of HTNers together for drinks and healthcare chit chat. Thank you Lindus Health and SomX for co-hosting!

Note: Make sure you search the Slack channels for the local/city specific channels to be aware of the meetups.

Housekeeping / Channel Adds:

The place to keep a pulse on the living, breathing, thriving community that is HTN. Here we will provide updates on community happenings, new channels, and more.New channels:

  • #event-ata-2023 is a spot for people attending the American Telemedicine Association conference to discuss, connect, and coordinate meeting each other
  • #topic-telemedicine-eprescribing is a place for individuals from telemedicine companies that do e-prescribing to share best practices.