Meet the Nerds

Health Tech Nerds is run by Kevin O’Leary and Ryan Russell - two nerds with a passion for helping to make healthcare better. Kevin started sharing his perspective broadly as a side project in 2017, when he began writing Kevin’s Weekly Health Tech Reads. Ryan and Kevin teamed up in 2021 to work on building healthcare businesses together and formally launched Health Tech Nerds.

Kevin O’Leary

Ryan Russell

Kevin and Ryan balance out each other’s perspective. Kevin brings random thoughts from a meandering journey through the healthcare delivery ecosystem in his career, while Ryan leverages his mindset as a reformed consultant to bring more structured thought along with startup experience at Bind to understand the employer and insurer worlds.
We think it all provides for a pretty well-rounded perspective on the change happening in the industry today. 

We aim to support individuals working to make healthcare a better place by providing them with a trusted, unfiltered perspective on what is happening in the industry. We know first-hand how hard it is to stay on top of everything happening while also working a full-time job in healthcare. We intend to provide a perspective that allows the health tech community to stay in front of changes and support it in actually changing the industry for the better. We all know we could use a better healthcare system in this country.

Our Values


We apply a disciplined and focused approach in everything we do


We speak our minds with honest, open perspectives and are not afraid to ask hard questions


We work on things that give us energy and are aimed at helping build better health and care


We take an empathetic lens to everything we do to shape our behavior, interactions, and work


We are driven to be successful in our whole lives - work is one element of the sum of the parts

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