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Amanda DiTrolio

Community Update | 1/20

January 20, 2023
Community Update

HTN's Community Update

Where we keep track of things going on in the community because everyone has day jobs and it can be hard to keep up with all of the Slack messages.

Community Perspectives:

In case you missed them, here are highlights of a few interesting conversations from different channels:

  • Digital MSK provider Hinge Health recently rebranded as it added in-home PT and HTNers shared their opinions on the branding.
  • An interesting thread of nerds unpacking all sorts of strategic / operational questions surrounding the recent news of CVS Health’s investment in Carbon Health.
  • Following the announcement that Aledade is becoming a public benefit corporation, the group debates the tangible net good impact of a move like this and if we will see more digital health companies pursue this structure moving forward.
  • The HTN crew reacts to the new, provocative marketing campaign of virtual opioid use disorder clinic Ophelia.
    Link 1 | Link 2
  • In response to one HTN member’s comment that “Product should NEVER report to Tech”, HTNers debate optimal org structures of various tech companies.

Community Q&A:

A collection of some questions with thoughtful answers from the community:

  • I’m putting my 2023 reading list together. What books, articles, even podcasts are on yours?
  • Can anyone recommend a good CRM for doing investor reach out? Ideally something pretty easy to get started with and not too expensive. Notion, Foundersuite, and Google Sheets are mentioned here.
  • How can I learn more about (and maybe even see examples of) SMART on FHIR apps that are on the market today, and the kinds of workflows that people have integrated successfully? That is, ones that have seen meaningful adoption? HTNers offer up several suggestions here.
  • Wondering if the community could point me to any software vendors that specialize in plug n play decision support tools / plan recommendation engines that quickly narrow down a big choice set when shopping for insurance - particularly in the individual health market? Budgie, Alight, and Jellyvision are discussed below.
  • Does anyone know if it is possible to find the terms of a sample value-based contract somewhere? Curious to understand what this might look like never having seen one.


Here we highlight any upcoming and recent events, both within the community and key events outside the community:

Upcoming Events:
  • Health Tech Nerds Happy Hour - London Edition; Lindus Health, Health Tech Nerds, and SomX are co-hosting a happy hour to gather fellow founders, biotech and healthtech pioneers on February 9 at 19:00 in London. Sign up here.
Upcoming Local HTN Meetups:
  • Austin is hosting a health tech mixer on Jan 26 at 6pm. Sign up here.
  • Atlanta is hosting another Health Tech Nerds happy hour on Feb 2 at 5:30pm. Register here.
  • Boston crew is organizing a happy hour event on Jan 26 at 6pm at Lovejoy Wharf. Register here.
  • Dallas is putting together a HTN happy hour for the New Year. You can learn more in the thread here.
  • Kansas City is brewing up a health tech meetup on Jan 27 at Messengers Coffee. Sign up in the thread here.
  • NYC is hosting a Storytelling Series event on chronic illnesses on Jan 21, as well as a health tech poker game on Jan 31. Sign up in the links.
  • Phoenix is trying to get a crew together in late January around the MA Leadership Innovation Conference. Learn more in the thread here.
  • Raleigh-Durham is looking to organize a regular health tech meet up. Learn more and contribute to the thread here.
  • Seattle is getting an HTN crew together to participate in the 2023 Seattle to Portland Bike Ride. You can learn more in the thread here.
  • SF - South Bay is looking to reconnect with fellow health tech nerds in February or March. Learn more here.
Past Local Meet-Ups:
  • San Francisco got together what is likely the largest HTN crew ever at the JPM Conference with 350 attendees! Thanks to the teams at Accorded, Frame, Healthie, OPTT, Parsley and Pear Suite for hosting/sponsoring an awesome HTN event at JPM.

Note: Make sure you search the Slack channels for the local/city specific channels to be aware of the meetups.

Housekeeping / Channel Adds:

The place to keep a pulse on the living, breathing, thriving community that is HTN. Here we will provide updates on community happenings, new channels, and more.

New channels:
  • #event-vive-2023 is a channel to connect, discuss, and plan with fellow HTNers attending the upcoming ViVE 2023 Conference.

Important Links / Reminders: